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Focused, Peaceful, Energy!...



The Buzz... without the Jitters!


ENERGY:  This tropical blast will excite the senses with yerba mate and green tea caffeine, goji berry superfood, b-vitamins, and naturally occurring hemp phyto-cannabinoids.* 

Ingredients:  200mg caffeine smoothed with organic broad spectrum hemp extract (zero-thc), superberry supplements, and essential vitamin infusions.

- Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil (Zero-THC) - Shown to enhance mood, relieve stress, trigger seratonin receptors and act as anti-inflammatory.  Organic hemp extract nourishes & balances the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. 

- Yerba Mate:  proven to help with increased mental focus, energy production, stamina, and enhanced alertness. 

- Goji Berry:  ‘superfood’ shown to increase energy and athletic performance.  contains all 8 essential aminos, plus vitamins & minerals. 

- B-Vitamin Complex:  a blend of B-6, B-12, & B-9 (folic acid) helps convert carbohydrates & fats into energy. 

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