At Magic Buzz, we practice ‘Conscious Capitalism’


We donate 1% of our gross revenue to five philanthropic efforts. 

These center around the four elements of Nature:

Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, and Water, 

plus one that life can't be lived without,... Heart (Love).   


These select foundations are known for impact investing

to empower individual and community improvement. 


Giving Back


“One-percent for Seeds” is our startup foundation focused on distributing robust and geographically appropriate Hemp Seeds to developing countries that would like to participate in this agricultural revolution.

Wind (Air):

The "Clean Air Fund" is a major philanthropic initiative with a mission to tackle air pollution around the world. We bring together funders, researchers, policy makers and campaigners to find and scale solutions that will provide clean air for all.


"First Responders Children's Foundation" provides financial support to both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances.



"" is a startup technology company that designs sustainable water-purification systems and micro-grid utility applications to counter the high environmental costs of purifying drinking and running water in off-grid locations around the globe.


“One-percent for Deeds” is our  startup foundation to reward random acts of kindness and generosity from ordinary people who merely want to ease the suffering and support the growth and interdependence of humankind.

We aim to increase awareness, self-reliance and educational opportunities globally, and in the individual communities

in which we participate. From this mission, today’s Magic Buzz was born.  


The Magic Buzz is committed to creating playful, high quality mainstream Hemp and CBD products

infused with other purely sourced functional ingredients for absolute energizing effectiveness.


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Magic Buzz


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