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At Magic Buzz, we practice ‘Conscious Capitalism’


We donate 1% of our gross revenue to EACH of two philanthropic efforts.  A total of 2%, without compromise.  

We are creating these foundations to be known for impact investing to empower individual and community improvement, sustainability initiatives through the use of Hemp, and to reward individuals investing time and energy toward unity and the greater good in humanity. 

"A Hand Up!, rather than a hand-out..."


Giving Back



“One-percent for Seeds” is our startup foundation focused on distributing robust and geographically appropriate Industrial Hemp Seeds to developing countries that would like to participate in this regenerative agricultural revolution.



“One-percent for Deeds” is our  startup foundation to reward random acts of kindness and generosity from ordinary people who merely look to ease suffering and support the growth and interdependence of humankind.

the team

We aim to increase awareness, self-reliance, unity, and educational opportunities globally, and in the individual communities in which we participate. From this mission, today’s Magic Buzz was born.  


The Magic Buzz is committed to creating playful, top quality, mainstream Hemp and CBD products

infused with other purely sourced functional ingredients for absolute energizing effectiveness.


Please join us and become a part of our Magic Buzz Community.   Start by signing up for our Newsletter,

join us on Social Media, and look for Discount Codes and Promotions to share

with family, friends, and people of like minds….

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