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The Journey

The Magic Buzz began in 2003 as a mobile coffee/espresso business operating out of a VW Camper Van in the Rocky Mountains of CO.  ‘The Buzz’, a fully restored 1971 Volkswagen Bus, elicited an outpouring of ‘wayfaring traveler’ and ‘family road trip’ stories loaded with nostalgia and appreciation for simpler times. 


From its roots based in coffee beans, came all-natural energy shots, then evolved to mark firsts in the cannabis industry with low-dose 10mg servings, child-proof caps, tamper-evident seals, and functional enhancements.


The Founders deep interest in the wellness and non-psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant, naturally transitioned the company into Hemp and CBD products focused on energy and empowerment to assure safe and enjoyable mainstream cannabis appeal and experiences.

Magic Buzz Hemp and CBD products are infused with certified ‘HempLabs’ cold-pressed oil and certified ‘green’ CO2 botanical hemp extracts, ensuring the full phyto-nutrient profile of the hemp plant.

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Our History

the team

“The Magic Buzz Coffee and Chai Company”

Our journey began in 2003 as a hobby-business in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  


‘The Buzz’ was merely a coffee/espresso kiosk built into  a 1971 Volkswagen Bus, but the response to it was truly astonishing.  The image of a fully restored VW Camper Van elicited intrinsic emotions far beyond the simple food and beverage items served.  The outpouring of stories from ‘wayfaring traveler’ family trips, nostalgia for the lifestyles and causes of the 60’s and 70’s, and hopes for new paths to meaningful existence made it clear there was something more to be pursued than was originally thought possible as a simple brand of coffees and teas.

While the response to The Buzz as a coffee stand was gratifying, it also continually brought references to Cannabis, Cheech & Chong,  Fast Times at Ridgemont High, or other related sentiments that were summarized in the often-heard phrase “Are you guys selling weed out of that thing?  Cuz if you’re not, you should be!!”

While Medical Cannabis legalization began in Colorado in 2009  the Magic Buzz brand was not well-aligned with Medicinal-Use Cannabis.  As 2014 Adult-Use Recreational legalization was approaching here in Colorado, the epicenter of this national/international movement, the opportunity to expand into the Cannabis space was upon us.


With this in mind we created a THC Infused Products Manufacturing company ("MIP" licensed in Colorado Nov. 1, 2014, the first day Adult-Use Cannabis became legal in the entire world) to develop proprietary product lines focused on ‘low-dose’ single-servings to adhere to “Start-Low, Go-Slow” guidelines, with ‘functionally-enhanced’ ingredients like Yerba Mate Tea, B-Vitamins and Herbal Supplements to enhance the experience.


With Consumer safety and protection paramount, our packaging included child-proof caps, tamper-evident seals, 10mg maximum doses dependably and precisely measured, and clearly labeled and FDA-compliant CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) packaging; many firsts in the entire Cannabis Industry.  As sales increased to over 100 Dispensaries in Colorado and expansion into New Mexico, Arizona, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts ensued, we also saw the limitations incurred by the slow pace of legalization, both in the US and Internationally.


A passion for wellness, community, and outdoor activity led to the creation of a wide variety of fully compliant Hemp Oil/CBD products with Energy at their core.  This allows us not only to bring Hemp based Health and Wellness products to our fans and consumers, but to sell them legally both in the United States and around the world! 

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